Pray for Gretchen’s mother

I just got a phone call from Gretchen (my wife) that my mother in law had fallen in her apartment and is now in the hospital. We don’t have any additional information at this time. A friend of Elizabeth’s called.

Gretchen had to go to school – so pray for her day as well. 

My mother in law lives across the country from us – in California.

Update: Gretchen called me during lunch. My mother in law broke her hip. The doctors are going to operate and put a new ball in her hip socket – but her cellulitus has acted up again from last year, so before that, they are going to put her on a regimine of antibiotics. Gretchen is thinking of flying out to help her recover from the operation for about a week.


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  1. Tom Best

    I will pray for her.

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