The Beauty Function

someone has discovered the beauty function! Apparently:

“Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder,” says co-researcher Cohen-Or. “Beauty is merely a function of mathematical distances or ratios. And interestingly,” he adds, “It is usually the average distances to features which appears to most people to be the most beautiful.”

Link to Beauty Function Article

Apparently there is an algorithm that will take a scanned image of your face, studies it and produces a slightly more beautiful you. The researchers spent three years surveying people asking people to rank pictures of people’s faces on various degrees of beauty, on an attractiveness scale of 1-7. Then the scores were correlated to detailed measurements and ratios of facial features such as “nose width, chin length and distance from eyes to ears”. 250 measurement points were taken into account – and elements of attactiveness were turned into mathematical equations. Using the “Beauty function” faces were then edited , and then the researchers verified their findings by showing people the before and after pictures. 79% of the time – people said that the altered faces were more beautiful. Its like fixing red-eye!


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