Beyond War – West Chester

Our neighborhood association, which I have never gone to, but I am on their email list, sent me this:

March 28th Neighborhood Association Meeting YWCA: Beyond War

Gayle Landt, Executive Director of Beyond War, and Martin Jones, a physician who is part of the Beyond War team, are coming to Pennsylvania and will do a presentation for us on March 28th. The presentation is nonpartisan, nonreligious, non-blaming AND both provocative and compelling! This presentation demonstrates what “war is obsolete” really means. Participants will learn why the principle “We all live on one planet” is core to building this world-view and the new actions that will result.


Beyond War is a nonprofit organization that provides education about what people and nations can do instead of war, and that coordinates a

network of citizens who promote these ideas and actions. Come and learn about what you can do to build a world beyond war.

So that’s an interesting neighborhood issue. Maybe I will go to my first neighborhood association meeting!

Beyond War


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  1. Sign me up. OK, maybe it’s one world government paving the way for the Antichrist, but you know that’s going to happen when it happens anyway, so till then I think seeking peace & pursuing it is pretty unassailable.

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