Tropical Cyclone Favio Hits Mozambique

Tropical Cyclone Favio

A deadly cyclone hit Mozambique last week, and this is after massive flooding of that southern African country. Fortunately, because of a early warning system, not too many people died – but thousands and thousands of huts were destroyed leaving 160,000 people homeless. I have not seen very much about this on the news. Here is some more information:

In pics: Mozambique cyclone damage from the BBC

“Everything is smashed – the infrastructure is gone”

Aid Worker Francois Goemans

and from World Vision:

Learn More

>> Read about Mozambique’s looming food crisis because of the recent flooding.
>> See how Mozambican children are standing up for their right to be protected from AIDS.

Get Involved

>> Please pray for the tens of thousands of Mozambique’s flood-displaced; pray also for World Vision staff to be able to continue providing emergency aid, effectively.
>> Donate now to help disaster victims. Your donations are urgently needed to help families around the world caught in disasters, like those who have been displaced by heavy flooding in central Mozambique.


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