The Moon tonight

Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

It’s cloudy here so I am unable to see tonight’s Lunar Eclipse – but here is a picture of tonight’s moon from Germany! The Earth’s shadow is making the moon wine red.

In other moon news…

  • NASA is delaying the next manned moon launch
  • to early 2015, because Congress did not approve $545 million dollars of the money President Bush asked for. This is a four to six month delay.

    Charles Krauthammer wrote an editorial at the Washington Post on Why a Moon Mission is Worth the Money. He argues first for the adventure of it and secondly for the the discovery potential of it. For instance, we did not know that when we explored Antarctica that it would yield up such essential information needed to understand our climate and global warming. We could send robots, but there is something more spectacular about sending people – for instance imagine if we had people exploring Mars rather than limited golf carts.

    Finally there is the glory.

  • And then there’s the glory. If you find any value, any lift of the spirit in a beautiful mathematical proof, in an elegant balletic turn, in any of the myriad human endeavors that have no utility but only breathtaking beauty, then you should feel something when our little species succeeds in establishing new life in a void that for all eternity had been the province of the gods. If you don’t feel that, you are — don’t take this personally — deaf to the music of our time.
  • Finally – in honor of conspiracy theories- here is a movie proving that humans have indeed landed on the moon:


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