People who do Awful Things in the Name of Christ

John,  a friend of mine, sent me this URL:

Click here: Christian pediatrician denies child service because parents are tattooed | KGET 

and wanted to know if I found this as offensive as he did. I do.

 My reply was

In the church I am going to there are probably more tattooed people than non-tattooed people. The doctor shouldn’t blame his discriminatory and self-righteous attitudes on Jesus. He is getting it from somewhere else.

I really think we need to start calling people out on things like this. Jesus would have healed the little girl, hugged her mom, and rebuked that doctor big time! American Christianity is becoming a system of arbitrary rules used to discriminate and outcast people similar to the system the pharisees and saducees had that Jesus hated. A doctor can be as discriminatory as he likes in this country – but it is not accurate to our message to use Jesus Christ as an excuse to do so. My friend’s reply was:

 Kate calls people like this, who do awful things in the name of Christianity, “Christianists.”.



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3 responses to “People who do Awful Things in the Name of Christ

  1. Sounds like an old school imbecile.

  2. Brownin'

    Yeah, I’ve met a lot of people like this.

  3. Me sucede exactamente lo mismo, desde Cabudare – Venezuela
    bague bulgari prix replique

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