Can Christians get their groove back?

“The Virgin of the Annunciation” by Fra Angelico

Meanwhile, artists who labor to develop their craft, artists who are committed to a longer view of their art, suffer. I can think of many mid-career artists in their 50s who deserve much attention, but galleries give solo exhibits to fresh-out-of-art-school artists instead. Of course, these are replaced the following year by the next round of 20-year-olds.

There is nothing wrong with 20-year-olds, by the way: Fra Angelico was one himself the year he entered the Dominican order, which is where his gift was discovered, in the long honored tradition of art, and where he was trained as an apprentice.

If Fra Angelico were 20 today, he would have a hard time finding anyone to apprentice himself to, let alone joining a religious order. The contemporary church is the last place a creative genius looks for art training. That statement alone reveals the extent to which we Christians have abdicated our responsibility to steward culture.

Makoto Fujimura


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