Evangelicals against Torture


I believe that the United States should stand for human rights in much the same way they stood for human rights in World War II, when we were furious with how the Japanese treated their war prisoners. When you imprison people,  a moral nation will treat them with the rights criminals possess, or the rights that prisoners of war possess.  I believe that human rights are important and are the foundation of any civilized society. The honoring of them is what makes you better than your enemies. If you do not honor them – and abuse people who have been outcasted and are defenseless to defend themselves- a strong case can be made that you are no better than your enemies. I do not believe that America is a Christian nation – and I do not worship the American flag. I worship a Man who was tortured and killed by those who represented a chosen nation.

I once wrote my US Senator about why I did not believe that Gonzales was a good choice for attorney general because of his legal writings on torture (he is now in trouble for firing judges for their political opinions). I was surprised in his response – that he regarded the Geneva convention as out-dated in the age of terrorism!  It was really one of those moments when you decide that your political party has gone way too far in the wrong direction.

There is also way too much documentation of physical torture to death and sexual torture in Iraq – with no commanding officers being punished.

There is also an excellent Christianity Today magazine who’s cover story was on whether torture is moral and effective from a Christian point of view that came out about a year ago.

 Here are some good sites to look at:

National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Evangelicals for Human Rights


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