The power of a teacher

Alan Shepard, the first American in space and one of the few men who have walked on the moon (and wacked a golf ball there, too) told a reporter who the biggest influence of his life was – a school teacher in the one house school house he went to when he was growing up. “The man who had been feted with medals and ticker tape and all manner of acclaim and accolade immediately said it was his teacher in the one-room school house, and the discipline that she instilled in him, that propelled him on his historic journey. And all those years later, he was able to recount every detail about that otherwise anonymous woman – her name, how she styled her hair, the severity of her demeanor, what sort of clothes and shoes she wore, how she conducted her class, and what all that meant to his future… Mrs. Bertha Wiggins, he said with a smile”

Remember women who changed our lives, Courier Louisville, Ky Sunday March 25, 2007


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