My Mother-In-Law is moving in with us

Gretchen’s mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is coming from California to our house to get a second opinion – and most likely to get cancer surgery and chemo treatments.

We are re-arranging our house for her. She has arthritis in her knees and broke her hip in February – so she does not do steps. We decided to make our dining room into her bedroom, so we moved the dining room table into the Kitchen. She is at Home Depot right now buying doors for dining room to make it into a bedroom. I am amazed at how much help we are getting from our friends! We were at People’s Light Theater to see Twelfth Night – and one of the ushers heard us talking about it – and offered to give us a wheel chair (which I picked up tonight)! Other people have offered to invite Gretchen’s mother to English Tea, to come over for lunch, to give us a dresser and other furniture, to help us hang the doors, and many other things like that!

I bought tickets on Expedia for Gretchen to fly out to California next Friday, and for her and her mother to fly back on Saturday. They should arrive here on Saturday night around midnight. She will probably stay with us until the chemotherapy is finished.


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