Uganda’s invisible children part 2 – Trees V. Humans

There was a massacre of sixty-six children in Uganda, which is not being covered by the mainstream media. There are over 250 villagers who have talked about it. My first post about this is here.  I am currently looking for pictures of these invisible children to post on To the Moon. I did find this, from an editorial in

Trees vs humans

There have been several reported casualties in Karamoja in recent months, but none worse than that reported a few days ago. Sixty-six children were reportedly killed during an army operation against suspected cattle rustlers.

Reports said they were shot by soldiers, run over by armoured vehicles or crushed by stampeding animals. The army denied the allegations, saying only adults were killed in the raids.

In all probability, there will not be an email campaign to protest the killing of innocent people in Karamoja. In much the same way, it took nearly 15 years for there to be a peace march to protest the shocking conditions that people caught in the war between Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army and the UPDF in the north lived in.

Which raises the question, what is worse: The cutting down of trees in Mabira Forest to make way for sugar cane; to discredit a vice president with accusations of hanky panky; a pot-holed Gayaza Road; erasing Kitante Primary School; or the killing of hundreds of innocent people in Karamoja, and thousands of in Acholi?


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