“To the Moon” News

Tourists can fly to moon in Russia spaceships even in five years – Roskosmos

MOSCOW, April 22 (Itar-Tass) – The first tourists can materialize their dream and fly to the moon already in five years. This opinion was expressed to reporters by Chris Faranetta, vice-president of the Space Adventures Company which is engaged, under an agreement with Roskosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency), in marketing space tourist services.

“All depends on when the Russian Energia Space Corporation and Roskosmos make the first contribution (technical),” he explained. “If the decision is taken this year, a tourist will fly in five years for sure.”


Happy Earth Day!

For Earth Day this year, The Associated Press asked space travelers to recall what it’s like to see Earth from above:

“It was the only color we could see in the universe. … We’re living on a tiny little dust mote in left field on a rather insignificant galaxy. And basically this is it for humans. It strikes me that it’s a shame that we’re squabbling over oil and borders.”

— Bill Anders, Apollo 8, whose photos of Earth became famous.

“If people can see Earth from up here, see it without those borders, see it without any differences in race or religion, they would have a completely different perspective. Because when you see it from that angle, you cannot think of your home or your country. All you can see is one Earth.”

— Anousheh Ansari, Iranian-American space tourist who flew last year to the international space station.

“Earth has gone through great transitions and volcanic impacts and all sorts of traumatic things. But it has survived … I’m not referring to human conflicts. I’m referring to the physical appearance of the Earth at a great distance. That it generally is mostly very peaceful (when) looked at from a distance.”

— Buzz Aldrin, second man to walk on the moon.

“I see the deep black of space and this just brilliantly gorgeous blue and white arc of the earth and totally unconsciously, not at all able to help myself, I said, ‘Wow, look at that.’ “

— Kathy Sullivan, first American woman to spacewalk, recalling what she said when she saw Earth in 1984.

Did the Moon Landing actually happen?

From an editorial in Toledo, Ohio newspaper

The moon landings were either the real thing or a very large number of the tens of thousands of people involved in the multibillion-dollar Apollo project would have to have been in on the ruse. These range from the scientists, technicians, and workers who built the Saturn rocket to the sailors who plucked the astronauts out of the Pacific Ocean on their return. How many of them could keep that secret for 40 years? What really happened was that the Apollo program was executed through an unparalleled application of U.S. money, science, technology, and good fortune that has not been duplicated before or since. Accustomed to the blur of fact and fancy, peddled in unequal proportions in the Internet age, some people may never accept the truth, and in some fashion we can hardly blame them. Name another government program that worked as well.

Rochester Institute of Technology wins the moonbuggy race.

Win the Lottery and Space Travel

Buzz Aldrin has announced plans to have a lottery where the winner would travel into space. This will keep extraterrestrial travel possible for people besides the super-wealthy!


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