Evangelical Politics and Global Warming

Christianity Today has a good editorial on Evangelicals and politics –

One-Size Politics Doesn’t Fit All

Evangelical social reform is a many-splendored thing.

to which I gave the following comment:


President Ronald Reagan once argued that since we don’t know for sure if a fetus is a living soul, it is better to err on the side of life and save its life – rather than err on the side that it isn’t – and make no attempt to protect the unborn life. I think the same argument goes with global warming. If the global warming scientists are correct – then we have saved maybe hundreds of thousands of lives. If the global warming scientists are incorrect, and we do creation-care anyway – well, no lives will be lost, and we will have cleaner air to breathe! As an evangelical – I believe we need to support the poor who are suffering the most from global warming, instead of the interests of the rich – let me pollute – big business! I also believe James Dobson should accept Jim Wallis’s challenge to a debate about the evangelical political agenda.

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