Who would you vote for in The 2007 French Election?

So who would you for in the second round May 6 French Election?
This socialist woman:

Segolene Royal

 Segolene Royal – the motherly socialist who wants to guarantee jobs or job training to everyone, guaranteed college education loans with no interest, increase the minimum wage to $2000 a month, and tax capital more than income.

“I want for the children in these suburbs what I want for my own children,” she said, clenching a fist before her bright-red blazer and prompting the crowd to erupt into a two-minute standing ovation.

  • http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/02/11/news/france.php
  • Or this man:

    Nicolas Sarkozy

    The Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy, or Sarko, who got 31% of the first round votes. He believes in personal responsibility, law and order, and is very conservative. He supports the war in Iraq. However, has he managed his family well?

    Wife #1 – Marie Dominique Culioli – married in 1982, divorced in 1996 after having two boys. Marie is a charismatic Roman Catholic who still prays diligently for Sarko, who left her for:

    Wife #2 – Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, married in 1996. Cecilia left Sarko in May 2005 for someone else. However they reconciled in Jan 2006 and are currently living together. She has no interest in being “first spouse”, telling the New York Times today that she is very politically incorrect.

    “Merit and labour are values that should be rewarded more and more. We must applaud and be thankful to the France that gets up early.” -Sarko

    So if you were French, who would you support and why? I was talking to a woman who grew up in France, went to West Chester University, and married an American about this – and it seemed like a very intriguing election. Two totally different visions of what is good for France, and the candidate in the middle came in third place, and is out of the running for the final!


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