Don’t Mess with Our Chocolate!

The Chocolate Manufacturers Association (including Hershey Co., Nestles SA, and Archer Daniels Midland Co.) is seeking FDA approval to let them make chocolate bars without cocoa!!!! Instead of using cocoa butter and cocoa beans they want to use artificial sweeteners, milk substitutes, and vegetable fats “such as hydrogenated and trans fats”

Our grand-kids will eat “mockolate” rather than “chocolate” bars after school! Besides not tasting right, some of the world’s poorest countries produce the most cocoa – such as the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Indonesia, Ecuador, and Brazil. Do we really want to take away jobs from these countries so that we can eat cheaper chocolate??? It costs$2.30 a pound for cocoa butter, but only 0.70 a pound for vegetable oil, argues the candy industry.

Will we let Hershey do this to us? says NOT!

This is a national emergency!

Any product that doesn’t have the cocoa butter doesn’t taste as good and doesn’t feel the same on your tongue. A high quality chocolate, when you put it in your mouth, it melts and becomes very silky. With hydrogenated oils, it feels kind of waxy or greasy. – July Anderson

Cocoa also has health benefits such as curbing strokes and heart failure. It is an antioxidant.

What will we tell our grandchildren when they ask us why we didn’t do anything when Hershey removed cocoa from the all-American candy bar!

The information for this article came from a Philadelphia Inquirer news story (4/28/2007).


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