Mount Sunflower – Into Thick Air

I have a friend Steve who is attempting to climb the highest point of every state. This year he was attempting to peak the highest points of Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. I was thinking of going with him, but because of personal and financial reasons I had to back out. Anyway, here are some of the pictures of the Mount Sunflower – the highest point in Kansas:

Headed toward Mt Sunflower

He’s getting close!

Still a ways to go!

 Still a ways to go!



HE MADE IT!!! Actually Kansas slants upward toward the continental divide, so the flattest part of Kansas is the highest point – right close to the Colorado border. I actually grew up at the bottom of a mountain in Kansas called Mount Oread in Lawrence KS. Many times I was winded by simply biking up to the top  – and it had snow on the top of it (in the winter). So Kansas is really not all that flat.

The high points of the other states he went to were not as exciting. Steve told me that the other high points were not as nice as the one in Kansas (Oklahoma, Nebraska, and S. Dakota are also on the prairie). N. Dakota is rocky, but not so scenic as this:

 Sunflower Cloud



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2 responses to “Mount Sunflower – Into Thick Air

  1. Woody

    The highest point in South Dakota is Harney Peak and it is not in the prairie, but the Black Hills.

  2. Woody

    follow the link to the photo of harney peak. i’m guessing you will see the difference between it and mount sunflower.

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