Nicolas Sarkozy Wins the 2007 French Election

The winner of today’s presidential election in France is Nicolas Sarkozy. Last fall, he wrote a book called La Republique, les religions, l’esperance (“The Republic, the Religions and Hope”).

So what does the new president of France have to say about religion?

Here is what it says on the back of the book:

“With this book, Nicolas Sarkozy is confronting one of the taboos of French society: the place of religion in the République. Sarkozy wants to create an open and serene secularism, in which each person can live out his own vision of hope and participate in building up democratic society. He speaks of his faith, of his encounters with spiritual figures who have influenced him, of the convictions he wants to pass on to his children. The book is a great contribution to the reflection on the founding values of the République and on the future of secularism in France.”

“To The Moon” agrees that everyone should be “free to have a vision of hope”, and wishes Sarkozy more wisdom, and the people of France less unemployment and more freedom for all religions.


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