Greensburg, Kansas

Update: Check out these pictures.

A mile-wide night-time (9:45 PM) tornado devastated the town of Greensburg, Kansas, killing at least eight people. This is the type of tornado that would have killed 50 to 100 people in the past. Watches, warnings, and awareness kept the toll to a minumum. About 95% of the town of 1500-1800 people was damaged or destroyed, including all churches, schools and downtown businesses. The bare foundations and stark, debarked trees are typical of what would have received an F5 rating in the past. The Wichita Eagle has an aerial survey and path map and ground survey.-Tornado Project Online

The pictures to the above links (aerial survey by the Wichita Eagle) show almost complete devastation of a one mile wide tornado. I am glad that so many people lived through this one mile wide tornado. People should study what Greensburg did right to prevent what could have been 50-100 people dead. Pray for Greensburg KS.


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  1. Ruben Brown

    Absolutely incredible… I’ve been a serious student of severe weather since I was 9 yrs. old– I’m now in my 40’s. Tornadoes never, ever cease to amaze me. They really help me to put things into perspective.

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