Josh is back home from Temple

Josh finished up his Freshman year at Temple University in Philadelphia. I picked him up today and we packed up his dorm room, had our last supper at Temple University, and drove back to West Chester. He is going to spend the summer here – and then head off for Savanah College of Art and Design in the Fall, which is a long ways away, in Georgia đŸ˜¦

He had a very successful year!

My mother-in-law, who is living with us for the time-being is also doing very well. We got her hooked up with some very good doctors, and she is getting better everyday! We now know that the sores on her legs and her blue feet are caused by the blood vessels in her legs. If she wears these special stockings that force the blood back up her legs should be soon be much better. Today, a physical therapist came by our house, and she went all the way up and down our stairs for the first time! My mother in law is recovering from hip replacement surgery that she had in February.

So everything is good – and our house is back to being packed with people! Sam, my oldest son, is going to spend the summer in Rochester, but hopes to visit between the end of his semester and the start of his summer job. Next weekend, we are going to visit Charlotte (my niece) at her college.


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