Uganda’s February 12 Child Massacre Update

Here is an update on the the deaths of up to 66 children in Uganda at the ‘Kraal’ cattle camp in the Lokitelaebu, Kotido District, KAMPALA, Uganda by being shot at by troops, ran over by armoured cars, or crushed by animal stampedes. The military has issued a report:

The report says that there were “34 Karamojong pastoralists dead, including 16 children. It rejected controversial findings from NGO Save the Children that Ugandan soldiers had been responsible for the deaths of 66 children in one operation”.

The military has decided to change their strategy to solve the problem of cattle-raiding, but that cattle-raiding was too much of a problem for the military to be uninvolved.

“The first line of response should not be a military response. There are criminal elements so people should be arrested and brought to trial.”

Karamoja region is Uganda’s ‘wild west’, where armed pastoralists raid each other for livestock in bloody skirmishes fuelled by the high proliferation of firearms; these clashes have left hundreds dead.

Efforts by government to disarm the tribesmen have yielded few results and the military operation to forcefully disarm the warriors has attracted criticism for heavy-handedness.

There is still a lot of unanswered questions. Were the children armed? What were their names? Are there bodies? How can children be so invisible in the twenty-first century?


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  1. when they say it’s ove. Frederik Kyleigh.

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