Lovena Loo Thing Peng

I had some sad news from the Christians I know in Malaysia. Ian sent me an email that a friend of his and Juliane’s, Lovena Loo Thing Peng, who her friends call Peng, had been murdered by a robber last weekend. The robber tied Peng up and gagged her in such a way that she could not breathe, and she suffocated. She lived by herself on the ‘wrong’ side of the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Here is a tribute, by her friends, which show that she was rich in the things that truly matter – she had many wonderful friends and a wonderful faith in God.

And here are some blog tributes to her life:

Even though I don’t know her – her death and life has deeply affected me and other people all over the world. I believe that she was the very apple of God’s eye, and I am sure that her family and friends would appreciate your prayers and thoughts.

Here is one of the beautiful tributes to Peng’s Life:

If I was “hung fook” (Cantonese for fortunate) I would have had a daughter like you lor….

I only worked with Peng once during the Christmas punctuations production in 2004 but I always remember how she used to cluck and fuss over me despite the fact that I played only a minor role in the play. Peng never considered me too insignificant but took effort to make sure I was dolled up nicely for the stage, in between scenes she would even take time to give me pointers on how and when to apply make up.

Aiyah, don’t worry! I’ll make sure you look so pretty the boys will chase!

Classic beauty, thats what she called me each time she made me up. Now even as I consider all the wonders she has done in her service for God, I realize with a deep sense of loss that it was her serving hands which were the most beautiful of them all, not my face on which she was applying make up.

I wish I had more opportunities to work with Peng and to learn more from her.

We will miss your big smile and big heart, but most of all, your beautiful hands.

wai wai

Peng, you a classic beauty for God!

Lovena Loo Thing Peng



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2 responses to “Lovena Loo Thing Peng

  1. Elaine

    Dear All,

    Just don’t know who you all are but I thought I’d send an email to request for prayer.

    Almost a year has passed, the police case is pending. No news of any progress has been made.

    Pray for the bereaved family as they are still going through a hard time as apparently everything is frozen.

    Pray for justice and new leads/findings to be found.

    Thank you.


  2. We will never forget Peng! I pray for justice and for new leads for the police to find Peng’s murderer. Elaine, thank you for the update. I pray that God would comfort the bereaved family.

    Philadelphia PA., USA

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