Memorial Day: Remembering the children of Iraq

According to a UNICEF Report issued today – Immediate Needs for Iraqi Children in Iraq and Neighboring Countries, there is a humanitarian crisis that American Christians and people of all faiths should be acutely aware of.

  • Since 2003, 15% of Iraqi’s total population has fled their homes – 50% of them are children
  • Of the 4 million displaced Iraqi’s, 1.9 million have fled the country
  • Doctors, nurses and teachers have fled – causing a brain drain and lack of educational and health services
  • 750,000 have fled to to Jordan
  • 1.25 Million have fled to Syria
  • Despite government support these people face an uncertain future – and may be caught in a worsening humanitarian tragedy.
  • The educational system is severely stressed. Children are either not going to school, or going to overcrowded schools, that are operating in multiple shifts.
  • As many as 320,000 Iraqi children in Syria are not going to school.
  • Only 30% of Iraqis have a reliable safe water source in their home.
  • Diarrhea rates are rising foreboding an outbreak in the summer months
  • Immunization rates are down as insecurity pushes preventable health care down the list of priorities

And the list goes on and on. There are many things the UNICEF and other charities, including Christian faith based charities are doing to help the displaced and forgotten children in Iraq. Please pray for the children of Iraq that they would get the shots they need so they will not get measles and polio, clean water to drink, midwifery kits for their moms, oral rehydration salts so they don’t get diarrhea, new schools, home education kits, and whatever else they need! UNICEF is asking the US government for $41,750,000 to fund their efforts.

This report can be downloaded here.


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