Josh got a job!

Everyone is now fully employed!

Josh is going to work at Blockbusters! We put him back on our car insurance so that he can drive. This is the job that he really wanted.

Hannah bought her tickets to Chicago yesterday! She is going to the Chicago Art Institute for three weeks for a program that they have for emerging artists. It is expensive, but with the help of scholarships (based both on talent and need), foregoing Christmas presents in leiu of money for the trip, and many, many hours working at the Dollar Store,  and selling her art,  she stored up enough money to go. She is going to be a Senior at Henderson High School next year, and she will probably go to the Chicago Art Institute  after that.

Sam has already started work at in Rochester NY.

Gretchen (my wife)  is studying to take CLEP tests, so that she can quiz out of some of her classes. She is on on schedule to get her teaching certificate in  Art Education next May.

The sad news is about Ben. He hurt his foot last night, so Gretchen and Ben were at the ER until 1 AM last night. It turns out that he didn’t break it, and it should be fine for when the Little League PlayOffs start next Saturday. He also got ripped off by Ebay, so I am going to see if I can find the Wii game that the deadbeat didn’t send us. I will have to give the “seller” negative feedback and see if I can get the money back. I emailed him twice, and called him twice. He did not respond to the emails and his answering machine didn’t offer to leave a message. Ben’s school runs all the way through June – half days Monday thru Thursday – so he doesn’t get a summer break until July! 😦

My mother in law is still living with us. She will stay until July 4th.

I get my summer intern tomorrow – David Wilson – he is probably brilliant because his father is. He is also home schooled.

That’s all the news. 



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2 responses to “Josh got a job!

  1. Yay for Joshy! What benefits come along with this job? I’ve always dreamt of having a job like that. Maybe he will become a famous director after watching every movie possible to rid himself of the flesh boring virus. That is how the kArAndom gets a job at blockbuster movie goes in my head.


  2. hmmm.. well, I bet for one thing, I will be able to cancel my membership to Netflix
    The photography on your blog is beautiful.

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