Dust – “Fire From Heaven”

Selected pages from a Christian Comic book called “Dust”

http://site.store-dust.com/ffhengs.pdf Here is the publisher’s web site:


And here are some quotes from their website:

Dust is about conversations. Dust is about entertainment that inspires. Dust is about stories that are so relevant they have spoken to thoughtful people for thousands of years. Dust is about generations of people sharing and exploring the meaning and purpose of life. Dust is about where you came from and where you are going. Dust is part of your life.

We hope that you discover the power of the Bible through Dust and come to realize that God is pursuing you. Dust is just part of the posse.

Welcome Mars Hill gray chair people and podcast listeners. We had a blast last Sunday, May 27, at Mars Hill. If you weren’t there or haven’t heard the message, no worries, we can help.

On Tuesday you can drop by the Mars Hill site at marshill.org to grab the message. Also on Tuesday you can download the visuals that were shown as a PDF or as a ZIP archive of a PowerPoint Presentation. Note: Be careful what you click on! These are big files. The PDF is 19.9 MB and the ZIP is 23.5 MB.

Feel free to use these visuals in your group setting, large or small. We would simply ask that attribute them to Dust and of course buy the obligatory one million copies of Dust – just kidding!


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