RIP: Ruth Bell Graham

Ruth Graham,  died at the age of 87, on June 14th (June 10, 1920 – June 14, 2007). She was married to the evangelist Billy Graham for 64 years. Here are some of her quotes:

Yet “I’d rather have Bill part-time,” she often said, “than anybody else full-time.

When asked if she and her husband always agreed on everything, she said, “My goodness, no! If we did, there would be no need for one of us!”

In 1952, Billy briefly entertained the possibility of running for President. Ruth quickly quashed that notion by calling him to say: “I don’t think the American people would vote for a divorced president, and if you leave ministry for politics, you will certainly have a divorce on your hands.”

Billy once described the secret of their more than 60-year marriage: “Ruth and I are happily incompatible.”

Perhaps the best assessment of her contributions, however, came from the late T. W. Wilson, a boyhood friend of Billy’s who became a trusted member of his evangelistic team.

“There would have been no Billy Graham as we know him today had it not been for Ruth,” he said. “They have been a great team.”

Ruth Graham Dies at 87




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