Israel News: Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza

Update: The most recent reports is that humanitarian aid is getting through to Gaza Strip since military operations have slowed down and Israel does not want to make life difficult for the poor  in Gaza. The Jerusalem Post reports that Hamas Leaders in the Gaza Strip condemned the ransacking and looting of a church and Christian School.

There are now two Palestinian governments. Gaza is being controlled by Hamas, and the West Bank is being controlled by Fatah.  Here is the latest: Ignoring Hamas Protests, Abbas Swears in Emergency cabinet,  outlaws Hamas militia.

In order to get the Hamas rulers of Gaza to recapitulate, Gaza is being isolated, which means that food and other things required for living normally is being denied to them. It is unlikely that gas stations will remain open for long, or that electricity will be available. The people who live in Gaza are stocking up on food, expecting a food shortage.

There are Christians that live in Gaza – here is a snippet of an article about the situation:

While looting, sporadic violence, and instability still plague the newly Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, a Christian persecution group hopes that a long-established friendship between it and Hamas will keep the small Christian community relatively safe from targeted attacks.

Open Doors, an international ministry working with persecuted Christian, said although it fears a worsening of living conditions for Gaza inhabitants, it does not think Christians will be attacked by the Islamic fundamentalist group.

“I am afraid it is going to get worst now that the border with Israel will be sealed tight,” Al Janssen, director of communications for Open Doors International, said on Friday. “If food isn’t getting in and water isn’t getting in then there is going to be a humanitarian crisis.”

Hamas-Christian Friendship Gives Hope for Believer’s Safety in Gaza


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