Hannah is at the Art Institute of Chicago

My daughter, Hannah Cole, who is between her Junior and Senior year in High School is currently attending a college-credit summer art school at the Art Institute of Chicago! The tuition was quite high, but she was able to get all the money together with scholarships, working at the Dollar Store, and requesting money for this purpose instead of  presents for Christmas and her birthday!

So, I am quite proud of her. She is doing painting and drawing all day and evening and is enjoying it as well as being quite challenged by it. We drove her to the Philadelphia airport last Sunday.  She needs a pot to cook in because they don’t feed the artists. I will try to post some of her art in the near future. 


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One response to “Hannah is at the Art Institute of Chicago

  1. Elissa Augusti

    I like that she has her heart set on something that she really wants to do and doesn’t decide that she likes it and thats what she wants to do and then after having all of the money and paying for she decides she wants to do something else. I am glad that she isn’t like that. I like that painting at the top too. She is a really good artist and her art work should be published all around the world for everyone to see. I think you sould take pictures of her art work and make a website just for her drwings and paintings so that everyone could go to that website and and look at a person with potential tallent. She is very good so all I have left to say is great job on you work and I think that you should keep making artwork and show it to the world. Your artwork is great so keep up the great work and have fun while you are doing it too.

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