TheCall DC II for one million to pray and fast in Washington DC on 08/08

On Labor Day weekend in September 2000, over 400,000 people gathered to the National Mall in Washington, DC. They came not to the sound of a music festival or to hear the biggest names in Christendom, but they came to the sound of Joel 2: “Blow the trumpet in Zion! Consecrate a fast! Call a sacred assembly.” This gathering was known as TheCall DC.

After TheCall DC between 2000 and 2003, TheCall mobilized hundreds of thousands of believers from all across the nations to gather in culture-influencing cities across America for TheCall Boston, TheCall New York City, TheCall San Francisco, and others to seek God in prayer and fasting.

And now, after four years of dormancy, TheCall is on the march again back to the National Mall in Washington, DC already having gathered thousands to LP Field in Nashville on 07.07.07. In the next year, TheCall will gather people to different cities around the nation and then converge again in Washington, DC for TheCall DC II in 08.08 (August 2008) believing that 1 million people, young and old alike, will gather to fast, pray, and ask God for a historic visitation of epic proportions.

Will you be there?

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