Turk’s Head is the place to be this Sunday afternoon!

Turks HeadTurks Head 

Talking Turks Head
[Posted July 13, 2007]

West Chester’s annual musical festival is set for this coming Sunday, July 15. If numbers mean anything, then this year will be special because it’s the 25th edition of the annual event. Even if they don’t, the Festival promises to be a great event because 1) the weather forecast is good, 2) the line-up includes some outstanding acts (see below), 3) at least one national celebrity plans to attend, 4) a seasoned team of volunteers and sponsors have worked their magic once again, and 5) the Borough’s Recreation Department, with its usual skill and attention to detail, have pulled it all together.After the suffocating heat from the beginning of this week, the weather turned lovely on Thursday. Although the heat and humidity are scheduled to return, the National Weather Service predicts that Sunday’s temperatures will be in the mid-80s and the skies will be partially cloudy. The cloud cover is good news since it keeps temperatures down, and the change of showers late in the day means there will a breeze in the afternoon. Of course, it might also mean rain late in the afternoon, but at least there’s no chance of a rain-out, like that which occurred in 2004.

The line-up includes eleven bands performing a bit of every musical style except classical (although who knows which way Alfred James’s “cello-driven acoustic rock” will go). WCJIM has a couple of personal favorites on the program and anyone who has paid attention to local music over the past two decades will have their own….more at http://wcjim.com/news/newsarcu.htm#art193

(the national celebrity is not mentioned in the post – but Jim gives an additional hint – its a national level politician – so that means probably a Democratic National Politician – perhaps Al Gore? Also Gretchen will be there! Anybody who is important will be there!)

The “national celebrity” was  Joe Sestak  – a US Congressman – he’s not a celebrity!



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2 responses to “Turk’s Head is the place to be this Sunday afternoon!

  1. Joe Sestak, not a celebrity? I stand corrected. On the other hand, he was mobbed by the crowd, his presence was announced from the stage, and I’ll bet his name is better known that those of most of the other first-year congress members. He’s definitely not Britney Spears, but he attracted lots of attention.

  2. WCJIM,

    I like your blog and the information about Turks Head. Thanks for the comment and the heads up. I was just hoping for Al Gore – as a hologram like he showed up in Tokyo on 7/7/7

    I pray and vote for peace,

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