First Spouse Medals and Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set Compared

UPDATE: The Thomas Jefferson Spouse Gold Coin goes on sale at Noon, Aug 30, 2007 EDT. There is a limit of one coin per household, per order. It will be interesting to see if it sells out as fast as Martha Washington and Abigail Adams! 


You can save a lot of money by getting First Spouse Medals for $3.50 apiece rather than the gold $10 coins that are selling for hundreds of dollars apiece on Ebay. If you multiply that by 43 presidential spouses, that reflects quite a savings. The spouses are about twice as big as their $1 husbands (1″ diameter for the presidential dollars, 1.5″ across for the Ladies) – I was surpised at how large the Spouse Medals were. You cannot see Abigail’s nose hairs, but you can make out some of her mouth wrinkles – it is not as detailed as the proof $10, but is satisfactory. The women have their hair covered. The men are hatless. The inscription below the portrait is easier to read for the spouses. It says “1rst 1789-1797” on Martha’s and “1rst President 1789-1797” in iddy bitty lettering on George’s. There is nothing on the edges of the medals – no “In God We Trust”, but there is a history factoid on the Reverse as opposed to a statue of Liberty on the reverse of the $1 coins.

The United States Proof Coins come in a cardboard box that reminded me of a gourmet chocolate bar in both size and flavor. The picture on the cardboard cover is a closeup of George at the “Scene at the Signing of the Constitution” by Howard Chandler Christy.

The proof set is encased in hard plastic, while the ladies are individually sealed in cellephane. The proof set is also a bargain at the mint ($14.95) – as I am getting tired of asking for these coins at the bank and the teller telling me that she doesn’t have any.

So I started a new page in my old life long and multi-generational coin collection! The first in a long time. One wonders if the bronze medals are also selling well, since the mint says that they will not have any on hand until 07/31/2007.

Here is an easy way to remember the first 11 American Presidents

Washington’s army jogged many miles and jogged very hard to Philadelphia.

George Washington

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

James Monroe

John Quincy Adams

Andrew Jackson

Martin Van Buren

William Henry Harrison

John Taylor

James Polk



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2 responses to “First Spouse Medals and Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set Compared

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  2. Nice tip on remembering the names of presidents!

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