Opening my Fair Trade Grocery Store!

The To The Moon Fair Trade Grocery Store is here!

This is a very early version of it. Please comment on how it can be improved so you can use it better. I will make it better looking and add more fair trade products later.  I plan to give 100% of any money generated to the community fund of my church (Cornerstone Christian Fellowship) which helps the poor and homeless in the borough of West Chester, PA.  I will also fill you in on what fair trade is and why it is important later on!

The Fair Trade Grocery Store

Thank you



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2 responses to “Opening my Fair Trade Grocery Store!

  1. I have a question for you. Is your church in Abington? I think that i may have visited it for a Bible study…just wondering.

    I love the idea of the fair trade grocery store…very cool 🙂 Much better than Wawa…

  2. Nope, my church is in the borough of West Chester. We were having a meeting on social justice on Thursday- and that is what got me thinking about all the little things we can do to help the oppressed. I do want to do some more reading and thinking about it.

    Thank you for your comments! I love your blog, and I hope that it continues in the fall when you start your seminary classes. My wife sometimes writes what she is learning in school on her blog – so it re-enforces what she is learning and she makes straight A’s!


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