Pray for the South Korean Christian Hostages in Afghanistan

Friday July 27 Update:

 Blaming the Victim: South Korea’s anti-missionary backlash


42 year old youth pastor Bae Byung-kyu, the leader of the trip, was martyred with 10 bullet holes in his head, chest, and stomach. I am not seeing too much coverage of this story using traditional news sources – just enough to make me think that it is really going on. Apparently, they were on a short one-week humanitarian trip from their evangelical church.  There was a demonstration for their freedom by Afghanistan villagers.

South Korea Evangelical Christian Hostages

Please pray for these courageous humanitarian young Christians. They are from South Korea -18 women and 5 men who were giving  free medical and educational help to Afghanistan villagers and were sent out by their church pastored by Rev. Park Eun-jo. All of them are in their 20s and 30s.  They have been kidnapped by the Taliban. The deadline to start killing them was Monday – but it was extended. Then it was Tuesday – then it extended again. There is a breaking news story that the Taliban is reporting that they just killed one of them – one of the men. Please pray for a peaceful resolution – these are guests who have been helping the poor in Afghanistan.


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