What is the Mission of the Church?

But what is the mission of the church? N.T. Wright says it is God’s transformed people for the world, the peculiar people who implement Christ’s victory over sin on the cross and in Easter by actively anticipating the New Heaven and New Earth that is coming: God’s agents of new creation. And Rob Bell says it is “God’s countercultural insurgency that actually thinks the world can be turned rightside up.”That is what grace is for. And glory to our Father above that it is out of love! I am elated to tears that my God, our God, loves me and you and everyone so much that he hasn’t given up on us. He is graciously making us new creations with delight and love. That is good news indeed.

So let’s stop excusing ourselves from mission, from the “take up your cross” aspects of being transformed by grace. Let’s stop worrying about works-salvation and actually start to reflect our savior to this sin-stained, war-torn, addiction-addled world. Anything less is a cheap and small grace indeed.

This is how the article ends. For the rest goto http://www.organicjesus.org/2007/02/lament_for_the_reformation_or.html#more

Clean Water for everyone! The end of Poverty! The end of Disease! The end of War! Clean air! The end of slavery! Social Justice! The end of Oppression! A place where everyone loves everybody else! A place where radical discipleship is lived and there is no hypocrisy! Maybe even the end of death!


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  1. neiladams

    Have you come across Natural Church Development – which can be a great help to move the church on in its Mission (‘the biigect thing to hit the church since the Reformation.’).

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