Free the Slaves President, Kevin Bales, on Primetime

UPDATE: Here is my review. First of all, if you taped or TIVOed this, skip to the last 15 minutes to watch this segment. The first two stories is tabloid primetime TV trash – not worth watching and not “60 Minutes” quality. Finally… there is the “Cinderalla” story of a nine year old girl Egyptian girl – Shyima-  who becomes the maid servant of a rich (arab looking) family, the Ibrahims,  in Orange County Ca. There is plenty of videotape of her serving them while they party. Primetime interview this totally beautiful girl who did not go to school, and lived in an unheated, un-airconditioned garage bedroom. Kevin Bale’s “Free the Slaves” organization found out about this case of modern slavery, and freed her. Shyima is interviewed by Diana Sawyers in her high school prom dress, and she rolls her eyeballs when Diana compares her to Cinderalla. The Ibrahims are in jail, and I was wondering what Shyima thought of that. That question was not asked.

My problem with this piece is that Orange County Ca. is far from typical America, and modern slavery is much more common then you would think. Here is a news report about the more usual case in Chester County PA –

ABC has a television show called Primetime – and tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 31, 2007) – Free the Slaves President Kevin Bales will be on it. You can look up when to watch or TIVO it here.

Dr. Bales will talk about modern slavery and how to end it.


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