My Mother-In-Law is moving here!

My mother-in-law  is moving to Ashbridge Manor in Downingtown on October 1rst. It is in a great location for all kinds of shopping, nice restaurants, and a movie theater – and it is less than ten miles from my house. This is wonderful news! She must sell her condo in Oakland, California.

The main thing this means to me is that I now have roots to this area.  My other relatives live in Boston, Toronto, Guelph, Texas, Kansas, and  one is a world traveller!

My mother-in-law had a fall in February which put her in the hospital for six weeks and she got a new hip bone. After that, she lived in our dining room for three months – and with a lot of help from my wife – her legs got much better, and we found out she was not as nearly as in bad shape as the doctors in Oakland had lead us to believe. She has arthritis in her knees so she walks very, very slowly. I think that if she can get some new knees, she can eventually buy a condo in West Chester! 


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