Ten Years

Maria just handed me a big envelope – it is my Ten Year Certificate of Achievement! I have been at the same company for ten years! Now I get to choose my prize- and this is where my decision-making ability gets tested to the max. Do I choose the telescope, the digital camera, the mountain bike, the golf clubs? The camera would be the practical choice, but I like the telescope. I haven’t had a new telescope in decades. But then they have two cameras – a canon digital Powershot A460 features 5 MP and 4x optical zoom (and photo printer)  or a Pentax Optio W30 Waterproof Digital Camera with 7 MP 3x optical zoom 2.5″ LCD, 21 MB internal memory and SD Memory slot (card not included). What do all those numbers mean?? Its hard to choose a prize in the twenty-first century!



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2 responses to “Ten Years

  1. I remember when the choices were a clock, a watch and a gold chain 🙂

    Cngrats on being at your company 10 years!

  2. Deneen,

    I did decide on a watch – for my wife Gretchen. It is a Woman’s Bulova Watch with 16 diamonds! One of the problems with stuff is that you have to take care of it – so I did a work analysis survey of all the things I was deciding on – and decided that a present for my wife would be the less work and she needs a nice watch. Right now, she is wearing a watch that Ben got her for Christmas from the Five and Under Store. Its on its last legs. And I don’t need anything, except for more of the words of God in my life. A telescope is a bad choice because I have too many trees in my yard, and I would probably break a camera, or something bad would happen to it, like the two ipods I’ve had.

    I am so curious about what’s about to change in your life. Please post about it soon!

    Your WordPress Friend,

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