Launch day for Astronaut/Teacher Barbara Morgan

Today is Space Shuttle Launch day according to the latest Space Shuttle News. Barbara Morgan, teacher-turned-astronaut is going up on Space Shuttle flight mission STS-118, seven hours 1 minute and 50 seconds from now, as I write this,  according to the official NASA countdown. Yesterday, Laura Bush talked to Barbara over the telephone. Barbara is bringing millions of basil seeds to plant in the International Space Station to encourage students to think how future astronauts will grow food on missions to Mars.  She will teach several classes from space.

The last time NASA tried sending a teacher into  space ended in tragedy. Christa McAuliffe was blown up just after launch when the space shuttle Challenger broke apart on Jan 28, 1986.

Here is a video:

UPDATE FOR TEACHERS: Here is the site to sign up for Live, Online K-12 Teacher Training: 1-hour interactive session to implement STS-118 Curricular Modules. It looks like they are filling up fast! (but it does cost $25).

Mrs. Morgan is an educational pioneer and heroine!


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