Stop Child Executions in Iran

Stop the execution of Delara Darabi. She is a young talented artist who took the blame for a murder that her boyfriend committed, because she was under 18. She then got the death penalty and she is on death row now.



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3 responses to “Stop Child Executions in Iran

  1. These children (and their families) have the right to justice no matter what allegations have been made against them. They have no voice in Iran, let alone any rights and we in the west are appathetic to their phlight. We must be their voice ot they will be lost.

  2. I agree. I joined your group on facebook and signed the petition. I hope that all countries that execute children will stop. It is a terrible thing to do and does not reflect well on any religion – Islam, Christianity, or any of the other ones. It is wrong, wrong, wrong!

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