Hats off to Apa Sherpa – he has climbed Mt. Everest 16 times!

Apa Sherpa is one of the best mountain climbers in the world. He is a Sherpa who helps carry people’s stuff up to summit Mt. Everest (8848 meters 29,029 ft high).

One time, a climber and preeminent paraglider, Alain Esteve, wanted more weight to glide from the the highest point that had reached on the mountain, and wanted Apa to go glide down with him. Apa started jumping up and down on the parachute and said:

–         “Climb mountain yes, fly from mountain no possible .. I say to him…no, no, nooo…”

Apa was very good friends with Rob Hall. Rob Hall asked him several times to work for him in the tragic season of 1996, but Apa’s wife did not give permission, and Apa stayed in his village to build a lodge for his large family.

Here are some quotes from Apa:

“ Important to make my wife happy, she very nice… I love very much”–        

“ If I am not here, not live, she get less respect, and I don’t like. She get no money for kids education”.

“Not important for record, my family more important, but I have to climb so that they don’t have to, and give good education for kids…. And more opportunity after ….” –        

“I don’t like to climb for record, it come together with job. If group no good condition, even 100 meter from top, I go down also with them… I don’t like to leave alone climber. If I do like this, maybe 13-14 times summit for me now… I don’t like…I climb for clients” Nobody else has summited Mt. Everest 16 times.

http://www.everestnews.com/everest2006/apaeverest05192006.htm …and this is good place to go for the latest Mt. Everest News including a count of how many have summited (over 500 in 2007) and how many have died (6).


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One response to “Hats off to Apa Sherpa – he has climbed Mt. Everest 16 times!

  1. Yogesh Patel

    It is really great to do such ,only possible with super will power,strength,vision and dedication to the job of clinbing.

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