Remember New Orleans on the Second Anniversary of Katrina

The quote of the day:

As we fought for our inalienable rights during the civil rights movement we must now fight for the rights of the residents New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. We must hold all elected officials accountable for rebuilding the Lower Ninth Ward and other devastated areas.
-Julian Bond, President of NAACP

Here is a good article about Living in  Lower Ninth  Ward

Two years after Hurrican Katrina hit, about 10% of the neighborhood of 19,000 is back, and they have put up homemade street signs and other things. Many people and many Christians have volunteered to help  people gut their houses and start over. Congress voted to generously send New Orleans money to help rebuild, but when push came to shove, one of the things that has been cut is government aid to help the poor get back on their feet. I guess they were hoping that nobody would notice.


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