Focusing on the Barthas and the Lamborns

Update: I have re-edited this post for clarity 

Here is a news item involving Christians that has become a national news story. Jonathan (who works for Focus on the Family) and Ann Bartha wrote a letter to the editor with some untrue information in it about Doug Lamborn receiving contributions from the gambling industry. Doug Lamborn, a US House Representative and a Christian friend I knew 20 years ago (Doug was an elder in a church I was attending), called them up to straighten out the situation, and said some things that could be regarded, out of context,  as threatening. The Barthas apparently felt threatened (or wanted to end Lamborn’s political career, or both) and made the phone messages public. Please read this Denver Post article.

The truth of what happened is that the gambling industry sent Doug a contribution which he returned (see the third to the last paragraph of the Denver Post article). But the other thing in the story, that is apparently true, is that Doug voted against making it a felony to transport dogs across state lines for dog fighting to the death – one of the few congressmen to do so. The Barthas should know that you can’t believe something just because it is on the internet! But Doug should not have voted NO to this legislation which helps protect dogs. The Bible says that you should not be cruel to beasts – this is Judaism 101. If he voted this way because of the tenth amendment of the constitution-

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the States respectively, or to the people.

how does this relate to the other moral issues of our day – such as the environment,poverty, abortion, marijuana, marriage etc.? I think Doug should explain this.

I do not believe that in the context that Doug was threatening them. He simply wanted to have a private conversation to explain the false impression that they had but he apologized anyway.

I hope that both sides can come together and demonstrate Christian love to the world in this situation. We don’t always need agree on every issue but we do need to stand up for each other and believe the best about each other.


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