GuluWalk 2007


GuluWalk is focused on supporting the abandoned children of northern Uganda. Even if there is peace tomorrow, there is so much more we can do to raise our voices for peace and to be a partner in the future of the Acholi children.

The original GuluWalk started with just two people in July of 2005 and has now grown into a worldwide movement for peace. GuluWalk was inspired by the gripping tale of the ‘night commuters’ and while the night commuting has stopped, the need to promote peace and step forward for these abandoned children has not.

GuluWalk continues to have global reach and has been featured in media outlets all over the world, with GuluWalk co-founders Adrian Bradbury and Kieran Hayward being recognized in 2005 as Newsmakers of the Year by Maclean’s magazine, while Adrian’s writing on the conflict continues to appear the National Post, the Sudan Tribune and Uganda’s Daily Monitor.

On Saturday, October 21, 2006, GuluWalk Day, over 30,000 people, in 82 cities and 15 different countries took to the streets to urge the world to support peace in northern Uganda. The event raised over $500,000 for programs for a generation of children being left behind and GuluWalk Day 2007 is set to take place globally once again on Saturday, October 20.

GuluWalk is no longer an effort by just two people, but is now being made possible by the support of so many volunteers worldwide and the experience and compassion of numerous partner organizations.

While there is progress on the ground, peace still eludes the Acholi of northern Uganda and only together can we make a difference in what former U.N. Under-Secretary General of Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland called “the world’s most neglected humanitarian crisis” and “one of the biggest scandals of our generation.”

It would be amazing if thousands of people participated in these marches – for all those children who are kidnapped to be child soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda. This is the world’s most neglected humanitarian crisis. I saw this in an email from World Vision who is active in rescuing children from the LRA.


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