Melody Green is still alive!

 I have been listening to my old Keith Green music. Remember Keith Green and his Last Days Newsletters? Anyway, Keith and Melody had a ministry called Last Days Ministry where they sang songs and preached the Gospel with a passion and an urgency that I have not seen again until recently. Keith Green then died in a fiery airplane accident when he was only 28. I googled Melody and found the Last days website. Here is a quote from it that I liked very much. I highlighted the parts that I find particularly prophetic:

God is about to put a fierce and extreme anointing on His women… to go to the streets, the poor, the youth, and the nations. And to function in churches with honor, respect, and spiritual power.

God moves through anointing and gifting—not gender. When this fact is more fully embraced, the body of Christ will work together more effectively to win the world. We want to help women become a vital part of God’s Army—to stand and fight the good fight along side their brothers in Christ. God created us to work in teams like this—each leading or supporting with their strengths.

Women in ministry are all around us, but we don’t hear much about them. This leaves a huge void in the Body of Christ. Where does the radical, risk taking, envelope pushing, young pioneering woman go to find role models. Where does she go to do mighty exploits? If she can’t find a place to be extreme in the church, she’ll probably find a place to be extreme in the world. They will take her if we won’t. Then we’ll hate her for what she’s become, and she’ll hate us for what we never let her be.

It should not be this way.

At this site, we’ll teach on the biblical foundations of a woman’s right to preach the Gospel. We’ll have apologetics, articles on related issues, and make books and resources for and by women available. We will talk about the challenges of being a woman in ministry and how to approach them in a Godly way. We’ll profile single and married women who are doing mighty exploits for God today—as well as women of faith who are now with the Lord.

If you’re a woman and want to be encouraged, keep coming back to this site as we add to it


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