UPDATE: I went to Han Dynasty Chinese Restaurant (in Exton PA, this is Josh and Lex’s favorite Chinese place) by myself for lunch in honor of mooncake day and talked to the owner – he said the restaurant would be packed with Asian families tonight celebrating it. I ordered from the lunch special menu – and he also showed me that in the “back of the back” of the menu there are authentic Chinese Lunch specials (rather than the “American” Chinese lunch specials which I got) – also only $5.50 – and he thought I would like like shredded beef with green peppers better than the wonton with chili oil. This is a nice restaurant with over 80% of the customers being Asian whenever I have been there. It is in the location of the Exton chinese grocery store that burned down a few years ago, very close to the Exton Mall off of 100 in the Exton Plaza – take out phone number 610-524-4002. Some of their lunch specials are Scambled Egg with Baby Shrimp, General Tso’s Chicken, Double Cooked Pork, Ma Po Tofu, and Kong Pao Shrimps.  The “American” chinese food include chicken with Brocolli, Pepper Steak with Onion, and Sweet and Sour pork/chicken.


moon cake

I am currently eating mooncake  at my desk to celebrate mid-autumn day, a Chinese holiday dating back thousands of years. Lijuan gave me a piece.


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