Movie Review: Forgiving Dr Mengele

This DVD  is an excellent documentary about forgiveness by a survivor of the Holocaust. Eva is a lot like how Anne Frank would have been if she had survived. A good contrasting movie is “The Pawn Broker” which is an old movie  about a holocaust survivor who never was never able to psychologically leave the concentration camp. Here is my review that I posted on NetFlex:

This is the best movie on the power of forgiveness. It is spiritually accurate. Eva and her twin sister were experimented on by Dr. Mengele in Auschwitz when they were girls. The rest of her family, along with a million other people were killed in Auschwitz. Eva’s sister eventually died from complications of the experiments. Eva wanted to know more about what the experiments were so she contacted a Nazi doctor who is very, very sorry (and appears in this movie). She talks him into going to the 50th anniversary of the liberation where he reads a confession of what happened. Later, she gives him a note of forgiveness – but she learns so much from this that she forgives all the Nazis! One point about forgiveness that is made very well is that it does not involve forgetting. This is very important. I thought the treatment of the Palestinians was very even handed and explained the situation very well. You cannot forgive someone while they are pointing a gun in your face and telling you that you should not exist! On the other hand, you should not point a gun in their face and tell them that they should not exist either! Watch this movie.


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