Doug Lamborn rises to protect Rush Limbaugh’s Reputation

UPDATE: The “Liberal’s Fraudulent Attack” letter on Rush Limbaugh just sold for 2.1 million dollars to bettyc588 who is an AAAA+++ ebayer! The money is going for a charity that provides scholarships to children of dead soldiers. Here is Rush’s interpretation of the events – link. Limbaugh says that when he used the phrase “phony soldiers” he meant people who had flunked out of boot camp, and then lied about being in Iraq. He wasn’t referring to soldiers with peaceful opinions like the letter suggests.

Doug Lamborn, Colorado Rep, and old friend of mine, made the following speech in congress:

LAMBORN:  Mr. Speaker, I rise today to denounce the liberals’ fraudulent attacks on Rush Limbaugh.  Anyone who reads the widely available transcript, as I have done, sees that Mr. Limbaugh was appropriately referring to the pretenders who pose as medal winners, or who falsely claim to have committed atrocities in Iraq, when he used the phrase “phony soldiers.”  No, the real scandal here is that liberals in America and here in this Congress are willing to manipulate facts to smear those they disagree with.  But there’s an even more insidious agenda by liberals going on, and that is to reinstitute the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which is actually a way to silence conservatives on the radio waves.  Mr. Limbaugh deserves mega kudos for being a forceful and effective voice on the side of common sense and for being an example of the First Amendment in action.  After all, isn’t that what our country is supposed to be about?

…and the funny letter that speaker of the house  Harry Reid wrote to Rush – and which Rush promptly put on auction at EBAY, which I have been watching today, has gone up to over $850,000!!!

So it is time to cry Crocodile Tears for Rush.  😦

 … however Rush was wrong about McNabb and he was wrong about Lawrence KS.  and he is wrong here. Read this article in yesterday’s Washington Post to get back into reality:


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