Jim Wallis is speaking at Villanova, PA

Jim Wallis

On Friday, October 26 2007 at 7:30 at the Villanova Theology Institute’s God and Mammon Conference. This conference is free, but registration is required,  and open to the public. You can register hereHere is the line up for this Friday Afternoon and Evening:

Plenary: Bruce MalinaEvery Rich Person is a thief or heir to a thief: New Testament and Early Christian Perspectives on Wealth and Poverty

Keynote: Shane ClaiborneSimplicity, Discipline and Community: Strategy for Resisting the Lure of Mammon

Keynote: Jim WallisThe Many Guises of Greed


Jim Wallis is the founder and CEO of Sojourners and the author of God’s Politics: Why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn’t get it.

Shane Clairborne is the founding member of the Simple Way  in Philadelphia and author of The Irresistable Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical

Bruce Malina – is a scholar of NT times from Nebraska that I haven’t heard of before.

If anyone would like a ride from West Chester – please contact me or leave a comment.


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