Yikes! I am unemployed.

Yes its true. Last month there was a re-structuring at my company and I was structured out with my automatic testing programs getting offshored to Lithuania. But I am not too sad! Sometimes God does amazing things to get my attention  and being at the same place for ten years means (1) I am due for a change and (2) I get a pretty good standard severence package so I can think about what I want to do next. I am not depressed. I am excited about what may be around the corner!

The two best job sites that I have discovered recently are http://www.linkedin.com which lets you network over the internet and get recommendations and http://www.indeed.com  which is a massive store house of jobs from all the other job sites – and allows you to query for salaries and other cool stuff.

My company also gave me three months of career counseling with Right Management – and that has been amazing (a little time consuming, but amazing).  You spend a lot of time setting up a self marketing plan, learn how to network, how to negotiate salary, how to interview, and they even have cubes that you can sit in and do your job search from. They even have a coffee machine that makes capachinos, luxurious bathrooms, and a waterfall in the lobby.

 So keep me in your thoughts and prayers. If you know me give me a recommendation on LinkedIn! Connect with me on linkedin or facebook. Call  me at 610-731-8927, or leave a comment, or (best) lets get together for lunch or at your office. If you are my friend,  in computer software, a missionary or a prophet, or all of the above I would love to talk to you! 


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