What Pat Robertson Prophesied for 2007

Here is some of the prophecy that the television evangelist Pat Robertson had concerning the year 2007:

Saturday, December 30, 2006 – I believe the Lord spoke these further words to me…

“American politics is marked by indecision and strife. The Iraq war was folly and there is no way out. America pretends to support Israel but in reality is pushing Israel toward suicide. This, in turn, is bringing my wrath on America.

“(George) Bush is a good man and I have blessed him. But his arrogance has led to repeated foreign policy failures that have weakened the nation.

“(Ehud) Olmert is toxic for Israel. He will continue to blunder toward disaster.

“Because of the chaos that ensues throughout the world, traditional politics will no longer seem relevant.

“I will answer your prayers for China. When my spirit moves across that land, even your goal of 250 million (people accepting Christ) will be too small. Continue to pray. The spiritual breakthrough for China is near.”

In conclusion: Ahead is a year in which we celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the United States of America. This year will begin with unimagined blessings yet will end, unless there is national repentance and prayer, with unspeakable acts of terror brought about by evil men. Then a great time of worldwide rejoicing in the Lord.



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