Josh gets engaged!

My second oldest son, Joshua James Cole, asked Alexia Murphy to marry him at a December picnic – and she said yes! They are planning a steam punk wedding unless I can talk them into eloping. Josh says this is how the Victorians imagined the future. So you should come in Victorian clothing and expect a lot of steam.  

Alexia has the skill set of Jane Eyre at the same age! She is especially talented on the piano (the star student of her piano teacher) and her beautiful photography. She could have been valedictorian of her class if she had only killed off six or seven other students. But she was too nice to do that. According to Josh – her father is the VP of an intergalactic corporation that sells restaraunt machines. Josh has been dating Alexia since his 16th birthday.

Josh and Lex

Here is a picture of Josh as seen through the eyes of the awesome artist Andrew Curtain: 

Josh by Andrew Curtain

This is Josh in a white tuxedo. It is from Lex’s senior prom:

Josh in a white tux



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2 responses to “Josh gets engaged!

  1. Nan

    when is the big day?

  2. The date for Josh and Lex is far in the future. The current plan is to wait until Lex graduates from college first and she is finishing up her freshman year now.

    Sam and Katie are getting married the first week of August in Washington DC suburbia.

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